Monday, May 4, 2009

Unknown Jar Fish-Christian Maurer

1. Hybognathus Regius (eastern silvery minnow)
-dorsal fin origin above pelvic fin origin
-midlateral stripe noticably widens posteriorly
-stout body that is deepest and widest in front of dorsal fin
-no barbels (rules out hybopsis)

2. Etheostoma Rufilineatum (Redline darter)
-side of head with 3 horizontal markings
-deep caudal peduncle
-caudal fin distally dark, with a wide pale area around it
-characteristic lateral parallel markings (matrix like)
-frenum is present

3. Bluegill (Lepomis Macrochirus)
-small mouth
-pointed pectoral fins
-black spot on posterior end of dorsal fin
-dark opercular flap not extended nor light margined

4. Mottled Sculpin (C. Bairdi)
-unmottled appearance on chin
-incomplete banding
-dorsal fins are slightly connected

5. Ohio Lamprey (Ichthyomyzon bdellium)
-one continuous dorsal fin
-small teeth
-slight notch in dorsal fin

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