Monday, May 4, 2009

Caitlin's Unknown Fish IDs

White Crappie—Pomoxis annularis
Key Characteristics
Coloration is light
Slightly upturned mouth
Dorsal fin smaller than length from mouth to dorsal fin
Dorsal fin 5-6 spines

Spotfin Shiner-- Cyprinella spiloptera
Key Characteristics:
Dorsal fin ends where pelvic fin begins
Rounded snout
White belly
Dorsal fin margin straight

Redline Darter—Etheostoma rufilineatum
Key Characteristics
White band pattern on edge of fins
Lines go down the side

Mottled Sculpin- Cottus bairdi
Key Characteristics
Large head
Eyes high on head
Unmottled chin
Large pectoral fin

Torrent Sucker-- Thoburnia rhothoeca
Key Characteristics- Coloration Short head Inferior mouth Dorsal fin edge straight

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