Monday, May 4, 2009

Banded Sunfish (Enneacanthus gloriosus)

-opercular dark spot
-about 4 lateral bars
-round pectoral fin
-2nd dorsal and anal fins enlarged

Banded Sculpin (Cottus carolinae)
-lacks orange tip on dorsal fin
-bands are more defined on lower half of body
-chin is decorated with arranged spots

Stoneroller (Campostoma anomalum)

-horseshoe shaped mouth with hard ridge
-looks as if some scales are missing
-lip corners extended posteriorly

Torrent Sucker (Thoburnia rhotheoca)
-short caudal peduncle
-inferior mouth w/ 2 triangular lower lips
-light caudal patches
-blotched color

Greenside Darter (Etheostoma blenniodes)
-blunt rounded snout
-long and slender
-small subterminal mouth
-'U' shaped coloration pattern

1 comment:

  1. how many anal spines did you count on the first specimen -- Centrarchidae? how large was this?