Monday, May 4, 2009

Craig Creek Fish

Group: Travis, Ryan, Don, Justin, Sean, Tyler, Ross, and Pat

Mountain redbelly dace
Phoxinus oreas
blotched pattern on dorsal side of back
disconnected lateral line

Rosyside dace
Clinostomus funduloides
large terminal mouth
reddish behind gills

White sucker
Catostomus commersoni
large to small scales as going anterior
downward turned mouth with bumps on it

Rosyface shiner
Notropis rubellus
large eye
stitched lateral line
silvery operculum

Blacknose dace
Rhinichthys atratulus
black band going all the way around snout

Mottled sculpin
Cottus bairdi
unmottled chin
d.f. slightly connected

Fantail darter
Etheostoma flabellare
Fan-like tail

Central stoneroller
Campostoma anomalum
horseshoe mouth that is subterminal
tubercles during breeding

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