Monday, May 4, 2009

Carcharinidae Quiz

Slide 10Carcharinidae Quiz

Which characteristic is exclusive to requiem sharks?
1. 5 gill slits
2. Sharp teeth

3. Nictitating eyelids
4. Heterocercal tail
Answer: 3

What type of reproductive strategy do the requiem sharks use?
1. Pelagic egg dispersal
2. Livebearing
3. Nest guarding
4. Brood hiding

Answer: 2

True or False: The shark pictured here is a member of the family Carcharinidae

Answer: False (It's a spiny Squalidae)

Requeim sharks' favorite food is...
1. Squid
2. Crustaceans
3. License Plates
4. Cookies
Answer: 1&2

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