Monday, May 4, 2009

Unknown Fish I.D.

Cottus bairdi "Mottled Sculpin": seperated dorsal fins, not specifically divided bars on sides, chin spotted like 5 o'clock shadow but not mottled as in carolinae

Percina caprodes "Logperch": large slender darter, tiger stripe pattern on a logperch body

Notoris insignis "Margined Madtom": black margins at edges of caudal, dorsal, and anal; madtom build (small, skinny, adipose runs into caudal fin)

Enneacanthus obesus "Banded Sunfish": rounded pectoral fin with 11 fin rays, black tear drop, enlarged 2nd dorsal and anal, dark opercale spot, 4-6 lateral bars

Luxilis cerasinus "Crescent Shiner":many crescents on side, large shiner with football shaped scales, pointed nose unlike common or white

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