Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We have a winner -- Fishing Lure Design

This extra credit assignment was designed to integrate your knowledge of fish anatomy, sensory systems, feeding, and water conditions to create an effect lure design. All students were provided the same size wooden lure blank. This extra credit assignment was designed to encourage students to apply both knowledge of fish and creativity to design a lure to catch fish. 
Students  submitted a completed lure (without hooks and hardware) with a 200-word description and the design was evaluated based on (1)  marketing appeal,  (2)  mimicry, (3) rationale for design and lure name, and (4) artistry.   
The entries included such notable names as the American Shad Popper, Tubular Tubercle Chub, The Weakest Link, Royal Gramma Grabber, Northern Fire-glacier Minnow, and the Heart Snatcher.     The top scoring entry was the Alosa, a 6 inch, 1.5 ounce topwater bait, handcarved to mimic the Alosa forage fish.  
The Alosa.  Note the individually defined scales, countershading color pattern, and pearlescent paint finish.  This lure is sealed with several coats of lacquer  and ready to to be outfitted with treble hooks and fished immediately.  Britney Kreiner
Other contenders for top lure design include the following:
Tubular Tubercle Chub with life-like scales and eye popping refracting color to trick any predator.  Caitlin Worsham

The Heart Snatcher is designed with vibrant colors and silvery sheen to mimic the Rosyside Dace.  Jeanne Change
Musky Pop-R is designed to be a top-water plut and spits and throws water.  Its flared gill operculum provides a convincing silhouette.   Zach Moran.

This pencil -popper style lure simulates a fish fleeing at the water's surface. The body coloration mimics the American Shad with blueish yellow top coat and silvery white underside.   Ashley Weston

Congratulations to the winner and all entrants who spent time thinking about how to catch fish.  

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