Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sinking Creek Fish

Group: Jon, Jessica, Caitlin, Christian, Vicki, Claire

Telescope Shiner
Notropis telescopes
· Dark stitched lateral line
· Big eye
· Large belly

Rosefin Shiner
Lythrurus ardens
· dark triangular spot at dorsal fin origin

Crescent Shiner
Luxilus cerasinus
· Dark crescents
· Tall scales

Longnose Dace
Rhinichthys cartaractae
· Snout extends far in front of mouth
· Deep caudal peduncle

Mottled Sculpin
Cottus bairdi
· Color only a little lighter than bands
· Orange marking on dorsum

Campostoma anomalum
· Large tubercles on head
· Horseshoe shaped mouth

Rosyside Dace
Clinostomus funduloides
· Mismatched scales
· Red markings

Blacknose dace
Rhinichthys atratulus
· Black stripe continues to snout

Fantail darter
Etheostoma flabellare
· Caudal fin “fan” shaped

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