Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to Ichthyology

If you are viewing this blog then you are most likely a student newly enrolled in my class, Stream Habitat ManagementIchthyology.  You have reviewed the syllabus, assignments, and read the first few  book chapters, and started dissecting the lamprey.  

 This blog is a place for all students to come together and share their perspectives on learning all about the fishes. Every day many news stories on the plight of our fishes and the conflicts that arise as humans use fish in unsustainable or inappropriate ways, often with little understanding of the complexity.    We can learn better by sharing our knowledge and expertise in and out of class.   

Some days I may just post a photograph that is meaningful to the topics we are exploring.  This image is part of a project to digitize early volumes of the Chicago Field Museum.  This emphasizes the lasting importance of quality scientific illustration.

Other days I may  post questions and issues via the blog and expect that you will respond to these questions based on your reading the assignments and studies.   At other times I will point you to interesting stories.

In the spirit of "Students Quizzing Students" I hope that you will use this blog to post questions about the topics we are studying.  

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